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Hiking in KL: Bukit Tabur West & Bukit Tabur East (+PHOTOS)

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    Can you go hiking in KL? Yes, you can.

    And if you are currently planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur, or maybe you are already in the city looking for some adventurous things to do in KL, then this is for you. The Bukit Tabur hiking trail is waiting for you. It’s challenging. You’ll get sweaty. But the views are well worth the effort. Right now, the trail is officially closed and is no longer maintained.

    So, if you choose to go, you must understand that you are doing that at your own risk. People have died there.

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    1. Hiking In KL

    View of KL from the top of the hill - Hiking in Kuala Lumpur
    View of Kuala Lumpur – Hiking in Kuala Lumpur

    I came to Kuala Lumpur for the first time in 2014.

    That’s also when I first learned about the Bukit Tabur Hiking trail.

    I had a lot of free time, so I started googling what to do in Kuala Lumpur. I wanted to go hiking in KL. I found some information online about the Dragon’s Back trek in Kuala Lumpur. As it turned out later, it was the same trail. Only back then I couldn’t find any reliable information about the starting point of the trail. I knew only approximately where it was.

    As a result I just went through the jungle. I reached the peak of the Tabur hill, but it was tough.

    Wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

    Take the trail! It’s not that hard to find it.

    2. Bukit Tabur Hiking Trail: Basics

    View of Kuala Lumpur from Bukit Tabur hiking trail
    View of Kuala Lumpur from the Bukit Tabur (West) hiking trail

    STARTING POINT: Bukit Tabur (West), Bukit Tabur (East);

    TIME: around 4 hours to go up and down;

    DIFFICULTY: moderate/challenging;

    TIPS: go early, bring a big bottle of water with you & don’t go alone. Don’t go after the rain. There are a lot of rocks and muddy paths. It’s all gonna be very slippery and dangerous.

    There are 2 trails in the area – Bukit Tabur (West) and Bukit Tabur (East).

    Both offer very similar views, as they are located right next to each other. Hiking conditions on both are almost identical. Both I would include among the top places to go in KL. The main difference is that the Bukit Tabur (East) is said to be more challenging.

    I’ve done the Bukit Tabur (West) trail 3 times. This article is about it this trail.

    3. Bukit Tabur Hiking Trail

    Hiking through the forest
    Hiking through the forest

    The trail is circural.

    The finish point is only a very short walk away from the starting point.

    At first you are just walking through the bushes. It’s all up the hill. But apart from that it’s nothing difficult.

    It’s a bid muddy trail with rocks here and there. 

    Klang Gates Dam
    Klang Gates Dam
    Hiking near Klang Gates Dam
    Hiking near the Klang Gates Dam

    Very soon you start having views like the ones above.

    The first views of the Klang Gates Dam. And soon afterwards – of Kuala Lumpur. 

    Not bad, huh, taking into account that you are now basically hiking in Kuala Lumpur? Only a short ride away from all the hustle and bustle, from all the skyscrapers and highways.

    Don’t go after the rain. There are a lot of rocks and muddy paths. It’s all gonna be very slippery and dangerous.

    This far it’s not dangerous. And it’s doable by most. You can fall, of course. But if you are careful, you should be fine.

    And the trail also becomes more challenging.

    Bukit Tabur hiking experience
    Hiking over rocks

    There are a lot of rocks further on.

    At some places it’s flat. But there is a lot of going up and down.

    For the most part you also have where to hold on. Because there is either a regular rope or wire rope.

    At some places you have to rely only on yourself.

    You are climbing over the rocks.

    Bukit Tabur hiking trail

    If you are an experienced hiker, you will not call it too difficult or dangerous.

    But this trail does require you to stay focused for most of the time.

    At one point, very near the highest point, the trail started going down… So, this is it, I thought. It must be very hard to go any further and that’s why the trail finishes here and goes down now. The downhill looked vere steep. And only a few steps later I noticed, that it wasn’t the trail in fact.

    I’ll repeat myself, be careful! If you decide to do this hike.

    One of the trail posts, with wire rope attached to it, had fallen down and was now just hanging in the air. Luckily I was taking it slowly and was very focused on the trail.

    The trail continued further.

    Becoming a bit more challenging.

    I’ll repeat myself, be careful! If you decide to do this hike.

    Hiking Bukit Tabur trail
    Hiking the Bukit Tabur trail

    The most difficult part of the trail was the highest part of it.

    At  one point the trail split into two. And at first we didn’t notice the wire rope through the bushes.

    Apart from this and a couple more places, where it can be a bit confusing, following the trail is easy.

    A view from Bukit Tabur
    A view from Bukit Tabur

    And then you start walking down.

    Bukit Tabur hiking trail through the forest
    Bukit Tabur hiking trail through the jungle

    Trail leading down for most part is a normal jungle trail.

    You are going through bushes every now and then.

    There aren’t almost any rocks. But it’s steap at places.

    You finish the trail by walking out on a road to the Bukit Tabur Retreat.

    You have finished the Bukit Tabur hike.

    4. Getting to the Trail

    View from Bukit Tabur hiking trail
    View from the Bukit Tabur hiking trail

    Most convenient option: Grab or taxi (compare the price);

    Nearest metro station: Wangsa Maju;

    Cheap and good option: metro + Grab or taxi.

    Metro station is some 3 miles / 5 kilometers away from the trail start. Which means that most probably you will have to take a taxi or Grab to go from the metro station to the starting point.

    5. It’s Possible to Hike the Opposite Way

    Hiking in KL - Bukit Tabur hiking trail

    The same as it’s possible to go only until some point and turn around.

    If you decide to do it the other way, go to the Bukit Tabur Retreat.

    Trail starts next to the gate. When you see gate in front of you, go to the left. There is a trail that’s easy to follow. Note, that there are no any trail markers, though. Going this way is easier, as it’s mostly forest trail. But it’s also way less scenery. As you walk through the forest for most of the time. But you get to the top twice as fast.

    Which way to go? It’s up to you to choose.

    If you go the opposite way, you can also reach the top, take photos and turn around.

    Or you can continue and go further, if you feel like that.

    At one point you’ll start noticing ropes and wire ropes.

    6. Where to Stay in KL

    View from the FACE SUITES rooftop infinity pool
    View from the FACE SUITES rooftop infinity pool


    See the pool in the photo above?

    That’s the view you’ll be having from your pool and gym, if you stay at THE FACE Suites.

    If a hotel room at THE FACE Suites is over your budget, take a look at what’s availabe on There are quite a few apartments being rented out in this exact apartment building. For example, here is one Airbnb I’ve stayed at. You can even take only a room in apartment for something like 60-80 ringgits, but you’ll still be able to enjoy this beautiful pool.

    Use this link to get a discount on Airbnb (if you haven’t registerd yet).

    Double room starts at 500 MYR. Check prices and availability.

    CHEAP – Space Hotel Chinatown

    Inside the capsule - Space Hotel Chinatown
    Inside the capsule – Space Hotel Chinatown

    A great space-themed capsule hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

    Have you ever wanted to stay in a capsule hotel? To feel like an astronaut? Here is your chance and it’s cheap.

    I’ve spent a total of 3 weeks living in Space Hotel Chinatown, and I absolutely loved it.

    Single “room” starts at 35 MYR. Check prices and availability.

    Have you been in Kuala Lumpur? Have you been hiking in KL? What was your experience?

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    1. Actually it’s not at your own risk. It’s closed and going there is illegal. If caught you will be fined or jailed. Please stop promoting this place. It’s irresponsible. A French tourist died of head injuries from a fall here in February and there have been 3 other missing hiker cases this year alone.

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