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Savvy Tips to Plan an Adventurous Heli Skiing Trip to Canada

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    Canada draws adventurers from all over the world as it delivers thrilling and memorable moments. It is the best country in the world for heli-skiing and planning a heli skiing trip to Canada is a good idea.

    If you are a skier or snowboarder, Canada most likely is at the top of your bucket list. There are many destinations where you can enjoy yourself such as Whistler, Lake Louise, Banff, Revelstoke and Jasper.

    A Canadian vacation is heaven on earth as it offers quality terrain, snowy bowls and so much more.

    Heli Skiing in Canada

    It’s not cheap, but it can be affordable.

    An adventurous heli-skiing trip to Canada is not gonna be cheap but it can be affordable when you plan effectively.

    Accommodations are pricey in peak periods so you should book ahead and look out for deals.

    The options for accommodations are hotels or rentals.

    Most hotels are centrally locate and they have plenty of amenities while rentals are typically spacious and affordable for families.

    To get the perfect heli skiing trip and the best return for your investment, you’ll have to plan ahead.

    People are often dissuaded from heli skiing due to the cost and that is why some see it as a once in a lifetime experience.

    To get the perfect heli skiing trip and the best return for your investment, you’ll have to plan ahead.

    As you plan a heli skiing trip to Canada you must take into account the quality of snow and the abundance of snow as they mean different things. Heli-Skiing companies offer diverse options for different levels. The reason for this is that it helps everyone perform optimally.

    Heli skiing is what dreams are made of.

    It is the ultimate awesome for any skier.

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    Heli Skiing Tips

    1. Research Heli Ski Operations

    You should do your homework on the heli ski operations in Canada.

    Before you heli ski you should know the location properly and how qualified your guides are. You have to put safety first.

    With heli skiing you can experience the time of your life but you must double check the credentials of all your heli skiing guides. Certifications are important and you have to make sure that your guide has the necessary skills to ensure your safety.

    2. Be Fit and Prepared

    To enjoy your experience to the fullest.

    You will enjoy your heli ski experience if you are fit and that is why it is important that you get in shape.

    Tourists are also advised to take part in training courses where you will learn more about safety and ways to rescue yourself. You will learn how to ride safely, how to obey the heli-skiing guides, how to enter and exit a helicopter and so on.

    3. Have the Right Kit

    Do not let small things get in the way of your heli skiing trip to Canada.

    It is very important that you have a good clothes layering system.

    Good gloves that are warm and waterproof are a must.

    Get yourself also quality goggles.

    And let’s not forget about the helmet.

    Having the right travel gear is important.

    Skiing equipment
    Skiing equipment / Pexels

    4. Appropriate Clothing Is Very Important

    Wear technical fabrics that have quality base layers and use water resistant outwears.

    Weather conditions vary in Canada and you must be comfortable if you want to have a great experience.

    Ask for advice at a ski shop!

    5. Book Your Lodging Well in Advance

    Because they do fill up.

    Hence it is important, that you plan and book well in advance.

    Even though there are different classes of lodges in Canada that can cater to your heli skiing needs.

    6. Be Attentive

    It is important that you are attentive throughout your heli skiing experience.

    Your safety is your responsibility and you should know how to use probes, shovels, beacons and all safety protocols.

    It is advisable that you do not ski past your guide if you want to avoid an avalanche or crevasses. Most accidents happen when heli skiers ski beyond the designated zone.

    You should respect the instruction, and respect your guide.

    Take your safety seriously.

    7. Eat Healthy

    You need energy to sustain you if you want to heli ski.

    A lot of energy, if you are not used to such adventurous things.

    You should also be hydrated. According to Adam Korzun, “Heli skiers need to focus on energy dense foods, things you can survive on longer be because you’re skiing harder, and you never know. The weather can blow in and you can’t get picked up.”

    The day you heli ski is not the time to try out a new diet.

    You have to be consistent.

    The day you heli ski is not the time to try out a new diet.

    Also stay hydrated as you will dehydrate faster when you heli ski.

    Try to eat well and avoid alcohols before you ski.

    A sports drink that has electrolytes will help you stay hydrated.

    8. Enjoy!

    It is important that you enjoy your heli skiing experience.

    Have you tried heli skiing in Canada or somewhere else? What was your experience?

    Snowy mountains
    Snowy mountains / Pexels

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