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Hiking in Langkawi: Gunung Mat Cincang Hike Is Beautiful

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    The Gunung Mat Cincang hike is beautiful.

    In the last 6 years I have been to Langkawi several times, spending a total of more than half a year there. After all this time on the island this hike clearly is at the top of my list of cool things to do in Langkawi. In fact, it’s one of my favorite short hikes in Southeast Asia. Because it’s challenging. You can’t get to the peak in any other way than by walking. At the same time you can easily drive up to the summit of Gunung Raya (Langkawi’s highest peak). That means – very few people do the mount Mat Cincang hike.

    And, of course, the views. They are beautiful! Let’s go into details! How to get to Mat Cincang? How can you do this hike?

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    Hiking in Langkawi

    1. The Gunung Mat Cincang Hike: Basics

    Going up Gunung Mat Cincang

    Gunung Mat Cincang is the second highest peak in Langkawi, offering spectacular 360-degree view of the area.

    If you are feeling reasonably fit, I can highly recommend the hike.

    STARTING POINT: Seven Wells waterfall;

    TIME: 2-6 hours for a round-trip.

    I’ve done it in around 2 hours, when I had no choice. It was late, and I didn’t want to be in the jungle after sunset.  Normally I plan around 3-4 hours. That includes a few stops along the way and a longer stop at the summit.

    DIFFICULTY: moderate/challenging, the trail is steep;

    TIPS: bring at least 1 liter of water, because it does get very hot in the rainforest. Don’t go after rain, it will be very slippery. Better wear proper hiking shoes. I have also done it sandals, but the last time I went wearing Prabos AMPATO GTX hiking shoes, and felt the best.

    2. How to Get to Gunung Mat Cincang Hiking Trail

    Near Seven Wells waterfall in Langkawi
    Swimming spot at the base of Seven Wells waterfall

    The trail starts at the top of the Seven Wells waterfall.

    That means you can always go for a swim either before or after the hike. I can recommend you to plan your time accordingly to go swimming at the end. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it very much.

    Even if you don’t plan to hike, visit the waterfall anyway. It’s in my opinion one of the top places to visit in Langkawi. It’s the island’s most beautiful waterfall.

    Take a Grab, taxi or drive on your own to the waterfall.

    It’s one of my favorite short hikes in Southeast Asia.

    I usually drive a scooter in Langkawi.

    If you’ll not be driving yourself, agree with the driver that he will pick you up afterwards. As it’s such a place from where it might be difficult to get transportation back to Cenang or Kuah (where most likely you’re staying at).

    From the parking you’ll have to walk up some 100 steps to get to the base of the waterfall. You can go swimming there.

    From there it’s another few hundred steps to the top of the waterfall.

    At the top you’ll see this sign.

    Trail sign near Seven Wells waterfall

    Trail 701 is the one you’re looking for. Go straight. Cross the waterfall.

    Trail starts on the left side, a 2-3 minute walk away from this spot.

    3. The Gunung Mat Cincang Hike: My Experience

    When I want to go hiking in Langkawi, I go to Gunung Mat Cincang.

    And when someone asks me what to do in Langkawi, this is one place I often talk about. It’s that good. I’ve been there 4 times. In total I have seen only some 10 people doing the hike. Awesome, isn’t it?

    Gunung Mat Cincang hike sign

    Following the trail is easy.

    Just as this sign at the beginning of the trail says.

    Follow the trail and you’ll be ok.

    Trail sign on Gunung Mat Cincang hike

    Even though at first it may not really feel like that for some of you.

    It gets better later, trust me.

    Then it also gets harder and steeper.

    Like this.

    Gunung Mat Cincang trail

    But it’s also very clear, where you should be walking on.

    And for most part there is also a rope.

    Don’t get too excited yet. It’s just half way up.

    Gunung Mat Cincang trail half way up

    In 30 meters there is a spot where there are signs saying, that here you can turn around and go back.

    But I don’t really get it why would you want to do so.

    Why would you want to hike that high to turn around.

    There is no nice view or any view from that place. You are just in the middle of the forest, halfway up the mountain.

    From here trail goes down a bit, and then it starts going up again.

    Getting to the top of Gunung Mat Cincang trail

    Here, at this point, you are already getting closer to the summit.

    Soon you’ll be above the tree line.

    Another 10 – 20 minutes of walking, going only higher and higher, and you are here, at this spot. Already above the trees.

    Gunung Mat Cincang trail - Close to the summit

    Don’t worry, you don’t have to have climbing skills to continue the hike.

    It’s getting only better.

    Gugung Mat Cincang views

    And… you’ve done it.

    You’ve reached the summit.

    Now you can walk around the place and look at Langkawi from above.

    Langkawi from above
    Rainforests of Langkawi

    4. Getting From KL to Langkawi

    You can fly. It’s the fastest and overall the best option.

    Here is the second best option. Take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, and then take a 3-hour ferry to Langkawi.

    You can also take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis, and then a ferry to Langkawi. Speaking of this last website – to buy a ticket from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi – I’ve never done it online. I’ve always bought my ticket at the ferry terminal.

    The main bus station in Kuala Lumpur is Terminal Bersepadu Selatan.

    5. Where to Stay in Langkawi

    If you want to stay by the sea or close to it, there is only one option. The area of Pantai Cenang. Pantai means beach.

    It’s the most popular destination for tourists, and also the best.

    You can get everywhere from Pantai Cenang much more easily that from Kuah, the main town of the island. And apart from these two place, the rest are much smaller and with overall worse location.

    VALUE FOR MONEY – langkapuri inn

    A very popular 3-star hotel in the most popular area of Langkawi – Pantai Cenang. The hotel is situated right next to the beach.

    Double room starts at 160 MYR. Check prices and availability.

    CHEAP – Bed Attitude Hostel Cenang

    A stylish hostel in the Pantai Cenang area. The hostel is situated a short walk away from the beach.

    Dorm bed starts at 25 MYR. Check prices and availability.

    Have you been to Langkawi? Did you do the Gunung Mat Cincang Hike?

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