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Calo del Moro – Cala Marmols Hike in Mallorca

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    Calo del Moro is a beautiful, rocky beach in Mallorca.

    It’s one of the most popular beaches in Mallorca. But truth to be told I was a bit disappointed when I saw it myself in September 2021. On a cloudy day and when the sea is rough, it doesn’t look that spectacular. However, there is a beautiful hiking trail near Calo del Moro beach, and this is what this article is about.

    You can go on a nice coastal hike from Calo del Moro to Cala Marmols.

    1. Calo del Moro – Cala Marmols Hike: Basics

    Yes, you can walk from Calo del Moro to Cala Marmols.

    For most part it’s a nice coastal hiking trail.


    TIME & DISTANCE: around 8.6 miles / 14 km (around 3 hours).

    I’ve accidentally recorded a bus ride back to the town.

    TIPS: bring some snacks and water, as there are no shops on the way. There is only one shop and one bar near the Calo del Moro beach, and that’s all. Be prepared to climbing over rocks at the very beginning of the walk, and to climbing over a fence at the end, to get on the road — there must be a better option, it looks so, but we couldn’t find it.

    For 95% of the time it’s a pleasant coastal hike following one of the trails (there are several in some places). For the last hour you are walking on a road.

    Use Strava app map mode to find the trail.

    2. How to Get to Calo del Moro Beach From Palma?

    Calo del Moro Beach, Mallorca
    Calo del Moro beach, Mallorca

    You can drive there, or you can take a bus.

    There is no direct bus from Palma to Calo del Moro beach. You have to go to La Verge 2, Campos, first. From there you have to take a bus going to Cala Llombards. From there it’s a 10-minute walk to the beach. Use Google Maps to find the right bus and to see the timetable.

    While in Palma you have to pay in cash, at least in 2021, but for these two intercity buses you can pay on a bus — just scan your bank card twice (when entering and also when leaving the bus). Any contactless VISA or MasterCard should be okay.

    We took a bus to get to Calo del Moro beach.

    And we took a bus from Es Llombards to return to Palma.

    2.1 How to Get to Calo del Moro Beach?

    It’s accessible from two sides.

    If you have already come to the stairs right after it, just take these stairs to get down. Climb down the stairs and walk to the left. You are a short, 3-minute walk away from the beach itself. There’s a sign saying that it’s a private property, but you can walk on that trail. Just don’t leave the trail and don’t go over the fence.

    From the other side there is a trail going to the beach.

    3. Calo del Moro – Cala Marmols Hike: Our Experience

    Calo del Moro beach from above

    It was a cloudy day of September 2021.

    We found the Calo del Moro beach (with the second try). It didn’t look as impressive as we had imagined it would be. It had been raining heavily on the night before. We didn’t want to stay on the beach, and so we decided to go on a hike instead.

    At first we had to climb over some rocks.

    There is probably a better option as well.

    But we did it this way, and hoped that there will be some hiking trail on the other side. We had been planning to go hiking in Mallorca but only not today, and not in this area. So, we didn’t know if it’s even possible to do it this way, to walk all the way from Calo del Moro to Cala Marmols, another beach we were planning to visit.

    Turned out that it’s possible.

    It’s a beautiful coastal walk.

    There is not one but several trails.

    Here are a few photos from our Calo del Moro – Cala Marmols hike

    Calo del Moro beach
    Calo del Moro beach
    Rocks we crossed at the beginning of the walk
    Rocks we climbed over at the very beginning of the walk

    Leaving Calo del Moro beach behind

    Coastline of Mallorca

    Rocky coastline of Mallorca

    Hiking trail in Mallorca
    Hiking trail

    Coastal hiking trail in Mallorca

    Resting on a rock, Mallorca

    Cliffs near Cala Marmols, Mallorca
    Cliffs near Cala Marmols, Mallorca

    Cliff near Cala Marmols

    Standing on a cliff in Mallorca

    Coastline near Cala Marmols, Mallorca

    Cala Marmols beach on a cloudy day
    Cala Marmols beach on a cloudy day
    Walking from Cala Marmols beach to Es Llombards
    Walking from Cala Marmols beach to Es Llombards

    Have you been to Mallorca? Did you go hiking in Mallorca? Have you been to Calo del Moro beach? What was your experience?

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