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What is the best travel sink plug?

Do you even need a travel sink plug if you are planning to hand wash laundry while traveling? You can easily do it without a plug, however, having one will make things much easier for you. What else – a decent travel sink plug is super cheap, small and you can easily take it with you. Even if you are traveling with carry on size backpack.

Here are a few great options to choose from.

Best Travel Sink Plug: Travel Sink Stopper

What are the options? And which one to choose?

Which one is the best travel sink plug for travelers right now?

1. OXO Tot Tub Stopper Aqua (click for more details)

A minimalist design soft and flexible silicone sink plug.

Overall the best travel sink plug, our favorite.

The plug that is great both for bathtubs and sinks. It is made of silicone, is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. Thanks to its design carrying it around is very easy. Can be stored on bathtub walls.

Available in several colors, sold as a single piece.

MATERIAL: Silicone

2. Muzitao Sink Stopper (click for more details)

A very compact travel sink plug (set of 2 plugs).

It is a multipurpose sink stopper that can be used in bathtubs, sinks and showers. Because of the material and design it doesn’t require suction, and can be used on different materials including plastic, metal and ceramic. It is flat and will take very little space in your luggage.

If you will be using it in bathtub, don’t forget to hold it for a while.

Once there is some water the pressure will keep it down.

In the sink it takes only seconds.


3. Kirecoo 2 Pack Bathtub Stopper, (click for more details)

An easy to use bathroom sink plug (set of 2 plugs).

Same design and functionality, different manufacturer. Just like the Muzitao sink stoppers these are made of rubber, are flat and require no suction in order to insert the plug. It stays in place simply because of the pressure from the water. Thus can be used on all kind of surfaces and for all kind of purposes.

Available in several colors.


4. StopShroom Universal Stopper (click for more details)

A universal rubber travel sink stopper.

The plug is sold in sets of 2, and can be used with almost any drain type – from bathroom sinks and showers to bathtubs and kitchen sinks. Just plug it in and that’s all. No need to wait until water reaches a certain level. The plug just stays in place, and keeps the water in the sink.

Unlike the above mentioned it takes more space.


5. Danco Drain Stopper (click for more details)

A long-lasting rubber drain stopper with ring

Just like the StopShroom Universal Stopper, it is just a regular plug. Like the one you probably have been using for ages, same like the one your mom used. Just plug it in, and that’s it. No sexy design, just a plain old drain plug.


What about you? How do you do laundry when traveling or backpacking? Do you know how to do laundry in the sink?

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