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5 Best Travel Shoe Bags 2022

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    What are the best travel shoe bags?

    How to pack shoes for travel? Mostly they don’t really differ between themselves, but, boy, are they useful. Not only to make your shoes last longer, but also to keep your stuff clean. Most of the travel shoe bags are lightweight and cheap, and even the best shoe bags are the same as inexpensive. I, personally, take only one shoe bag with me, and even I feel the difference — packing my backpack now is even easier.

    Let me help you find a shoe bags for your needs!

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    Best Travel Shoe Bags

    Here is our top 5 — best travel shoe bags sets.

    Some of these travel shoe bags are available in different colors and sets. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the rain cover.

    Overall Best Shoe Bags for Travel

    1. YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags Set (click for more details)

    See on

    They are cheap. They are durable. And they come in sets.

    Overall, the best travel shoe bags set, our favorite.

    The shoe bags are made of water resistant nylon fabric. It’s not a fully waterproof material, but it’s gonna be sufficient enough to keep the rest of your belongings clean. Even when your shoes aren’t. There are 2 types of shoe bags you can choose from – with zipper or drawstring closure.

    For the ease of use I would recommend drawstring closure.

    These shoe bags come in standard and XL size. Standard size is big enough to fit footwear under size 10 US, while XL – up to size 14 US. Sets of 2, 4 and 10 (only drawstring) travel shoe bags are available.

    Backed by lifetime warranty.

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    2. MISSLO Travel Shoe Bags (click for more details)

    A set of 4 quality hanging travel shoe bags.

    The MISSLO shoe bags are made of tear and water resistant nylon material. Same like most of the travel shoe bags these aren’t waterproof shoe bags. But still the material is sufficient enough to keep dust and dirt away from your belongings, which is about what most of us really need when traveling.

    According to manufacturer, one bag is large enough to fit size 13 men’s Loafers / size 11 men’s hiking boots (one mid-height boot per bag) / size 11 tennis shoes / size 14 flip flops or size 9 women’s high heels.

    Can be used both for traveling and storage. Thanks to the strap you can use it also as a hanging toiletry bag.

    Available in 4-piece sets. You can go for all black set or mix color set.

    Go for the mix color set, if you are going to use 3 or all 4 of them constantly. This way you’ll make it easier for yourself to spot the right bag when you need it, without the need to check all of them every single time.

    3. Zmart Portable Travel Shoe Bags (click for more details)

    A set of colorful travel shoe bags.

    If you don’t want a set of boring looking travel shoe bags, then this just might be the right choice for you. Or if you are looking for a gift for your traveler girlfriend. The Zmart shoe bags are available in several different colors and prints.

    The shoe bags are made of durable nylon. The material is breathable, machine-washable and water repellant, but not fully waterproof, though. Most of the bags are with zipper closure, but there is also a set of shoe bags using drawstring closure. Speaking of the zipper, same like many of the best shoe bags theses ones have the zipper located in the middle of the bag, making it easier to take out and put in your footwear.

    Pay attention to the location of zipper when buying shoe bag for yourself.

    Comes in 2-5 piece sets.

    Compared to the rest, these ones are smaller – up to a size 9 women’s shoes.

    Best Multipurpose Travel Shoe Bags

    4. Lermende Travel Shoe Bags (click for more details)

    A set of shoe bags suitable both for traveling and home use.

    Same like most of the quality shoe bags, the Lermende are made of nylon. Unlike the rest mentioned in this article, these ones feature a waterproof transparent window.

    If you travel with several of these bags, this will mean that recognising the right bag will no longer be an issue. Because you’ll be able to see what’s inside the bag right away, without even opening it. There are gym bags with shoe compartment. If yours don’t have it, you can use a shoe bag like this to transport your shoes when going to workout.

    The bag features a quality  loop handle.

    A single bag is big enough to fit a pair of up to size 14 US shoes.

    Comes in 3 and 5 piece sets.

    Best Washable Travel Shoe Bag

    5. Shooin Washable Travel Shoe Bag (click for more details)

    A set of flexible and durable shoe bags.

    Thanks to their design and flexible material these bags are suitable for most of shoes up to men’s size 14 US tennis shoe. The shoe bags are machine washable and feature drawstring closure. Fabric of this shoe pouch is thin and stretches to fit around the shoes (or what else you may be putting in them), providing the best use of your luggage space.

    I, personally, prefer this style of closure over zipper.

    Comes in 2 and 4 piece sets.

    Putting shoes in a shoe bag - Best travel shoe bags
    Putting my dirty hiking/walking shoes in a shoe bag – Best travel shoe bags

    Why Use Shoe Bags?

    Because having a travel bag for shoes just makes things so much better.

    1. Packing Becomes Easier

    While, of course, it’s not gonna be true for everyone, for some I’m sure it will.

    Like for myself. I’m traveling with a single carry on size backpack. There are only a few ways how you can pack shoes in a backpack. I prefer to keep mine together and near the top of the backpack, definitely not under the rest of my stuff.  Same like I put all of my clothing into packing cubes, I like to have my shoes or flip flops packed into something.

    It’s one of my best packing tips – keep your things organized. Use packing organizers (packing cubes, electronics organizers, ziploc travel bags etc.).

    2. It Saves Your Time

    It’s obvious. If you pack better, it saves your time.

    If your shoes are packed in some kind of protective travel shoe bag / shoe carrier, you can pack faster. You don’t have to think about your shoes too much anymore. Apart from that – the better organized are your belongings, the easier it becomes to pack your luggage. And the less time it takes.  As simple as that.

    While it’s not as common, there are also multiple shoe travel bags.

    If you would like to have even less stuff.

    3. It Protects Your Shoes and the Rest of Your Belongings

    If you use a shoe bag, you don’t have to think about your shoes too much.

    Same like you don’t have to think about the rest of your stuff getting dirty off the shoes anymore as well. Making it one of the best travel accessories you should put on your packing list. So you got it, next time you’re going on a trip better get yourself a shoe cover for travel.

    How to pack shoes in a suitcase? If you’re traveling with a suitcase and aren’t using shoe bags, here are some of the best ways to pack shoes.

    Packing Cube vs. Shoe Bag?

    Do you really need to buy a shoe bag?

    Can’t you use a packing cube instead?

    Yes, you could. But it’s not the best option. Most packing cubes are made of less durable materials than shoe bags. But it’s not the only reason. Many packing cubes feature a mesh screen for ventilation. Thanks to this mesh screen, you can also identify what’s in each packing cube. Yes, it’s a cool feature, but it won’t help contain all the dirt and sand from your shoes. All of it will spill through the mesh screen, and as a result, other stuff in your bag may get dirty.

    So that’s why we would recommend buying a shoe bag for travel.

    Hiking near Kazbegi in Georgia
    Hiking near Kazbegi, Georgia

    What to Keep In Mind When Buying a New Shoe Bag?

    Here are the questions to ask yourself first.

    1. How Many Pairs of Shoes Do You Carry With You?

    The number of shoe bags you need to purchase will depend on this.

    If you are carrying more than one pair of shoes, you it won’t be enough with just one shoe bag. Luckily, most shoe bags come in sets, and those sets are not expensive. So, you won’t end breaking your bank.

    2. What Is Your Shoe Size?

    Some shoe bags are smaller than others.

    If you have a large shoe size, keep in mind that some shoe bags aren’t big enough to fit large shoe sizes. Always check dimensions of a shoe bag before buying.

    3. What Type to Choose?

    There are several types of shoe bags.

    The most popular — drawstring shoe bags and zippered shoe bags.

    Drawstring shoe bags usually are a bit cheaper than the zippered ones. The cheapest drawstring shoe bags may not have drawstring locks, so you’ll need to tie the knot yourself every time you close the bag. Our favorite ones are the shoe bags with a zipper closure. They are more easier to use and more practical. Usually the zipper is located in the middle of the bag, so it’s easy to pack and unpack them.

    If you don’t like any of these types, you can opt for a “packing cube-type” shoe bag that can hold multiple pairs. These type of shoe bags are less popular, and more expensive. For example, this Mossio shoe bag can hold 3 pairs of shoes. Is it a good choice? It depends on the size of your luggage.

    You see, when you use regular shoe bags, you put one pair in each shoe bag, distributing them evenly in the internal compartments of your luggage. This helps you pack smarter. However, you can’t do that with shoe bags that hold multiple pairs. If your luggage isn’t big, this is not the best option for you.

    Before buying a shoe bag, make sure it’s a waterproof shoe bag.

    You don’t want mud seeping from the shoe bag onto your stuff.

    4. Choose a Shoe Bag That Is Easy to Clean

    Shoes often are dusty and/or dirty.

    So, you’ll need to wash your shoe bags frequently. Choose shoe bags that are easy to care for, and dry quickly. This is important because you might want to wash and dry your shoe bags already during your trip. That’s why we recommend you to choose lightweight and quick drying shoe bags that you can wash or rinse in the sink and let dry in your hotel room.

    Alternative Uses of Shoe Bags

    Bought one too many shoe bags?

    You can use your shoe bag as a:

    • Bag for cables;
    • Bag for clothes;
    • Laundry bag;
    • Organizers for your closet;
    • Bag for children’s toys.

    Do you use a shoe bag for backpacking or travel shoe case? What are the best travel shoe bags you have tried so far?

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