Best Hot Weather Hiking Pants 2021

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What are the best hot weather hiking pants?

Done with wearing regular pants on a hike and now looking for the best hiking pants for hot weather? Hot weather pants that are suitable for hiking offer different kinds of features. Lightweight material, breathability, useful pocket arrangement, fit and so on. This list of the best hot weather hiking pants has a great collection of different looks.

Simple and neat or technical and functional – they are all here.

Best Men’s Hiking Pants For Hot Weather – Our Favorite

Lightweight and breathable fabric – less sweat and more fun!

1. Columbia Silver Ridge Tall Cargo Pant (click for more details)

Best hiking pants for hot weather that checks all the boxes.

Overall the best men’s hiking pants for hot weather, our favorite.

Extensive set of pockets – two in front, two in back, two large cargo pockets and a zippered security pocket. Button closure. Perfect fit around the waist – elastic inserts at waistband and adjustable belt. Articulated knees give extra movement comfort. Great sun protection. Sweat wicking, breathable and machine washable fabric.

Classic cut gives the universal look that is suitable for any occasion. Either hiking or dealing with some business under the hot summer sun, you will look great.

MATERIAL: 100% Nylon


Best Women’s Hiking Pants For Hot Weather – Our Favorite

2. Eddie Bauer Women’s Guide Pro Pants (click for more details)

Best packable lightweight pants for hot weather for women.

Overall the best women’s hiking pants for hot weather, our favorite.

Useful pocket set – two front pockets and two zippered cargo pockets. Zipper closure too. Spandex adds some stretch to the fabric which also has a water repellent finish. That’s why this time you really want to keep the softener away from these pants to maintain water resisting properties. Machine washing (cold; delicate) and tumble dry on low is fine. Great mid-rise waist and moderately curvy cut at hips.

These pants are made following sustainable textile production principles which is not worthless when thinking about the planet.

MATERIAL: 96% Nylon, 4% Spandex


Best Hot Weather Hiking Pants

What to wear on a hiking trip in hot weather? Here are more options.

3. TACVASEN Men’s Quick Dry Hiking Pants (click for more details)

A unique looking pants for hiking in hot weather.

The distinctive knee panels are a little more elastic, giving great freedom of movement. Zipper closure and elastic waist inserts on the sides. Loops for a belt if you need extra support. They have only two pockets, but these pockets have zippers, so maybe they are all that you actually need. The fabric is abrasion and water resistant and dries quickly.

Straight leg design that is not too tight at the lower part of the leg. Great hot weather pants that will stand out in a crowd if that’s your style.

MATERIAL: Polyester, Spandex


4. Gopune Men’s Summer Quick Dry Trousers (click for more details)

Affordable and super comfortable breathable pants for hot weather.

We talk about a 4-way stretch here. That means that there is no mountain or tree too high to climb on with these pants. It also has an elastic waist with adjustable partial drawstring. The two side pockets are deep and have zipper closure. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and dries quickly.

If you are looking for hot weather hiking clothes that don’t cost a fortune and would support a bit of a speedy hike this may be your choice.

MATERIAL: 94% Polyester, 6% spandex


5. FREE SOLDIER Men’s Cargo Hiking Pants (click for more details)

Well equipped classic looking pants for hot weather.

Amazing fabric features. It is waterproof and greatly repels liquids and strains. The Nylon blend is lightweight, breathable, scratch and wear resistant. It stretches in four directions. Great pocket set – two front and two back pockets and two large zippered security pockets with mesh lining. The pants come in a package with a removable belt. And they have extra stitching in the knee area for extra comfort.

These lightweight hiking pants for hot weather are anti-wrinkle. No matter if you just pulled them out from a fully packed backpack or even slept in them, they will look great.

MATERIAL: 86% Nylon, 14% Spandex


6. Wespornow Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants (click for more details)

Versatile men’s pants with zip-off legs for hiking in hot weather.

Great set of pockets – two in the front and two in the back with one zippered rear pocket. Snap and zipper closure. The waistband has an elastic bond in some parts. Additionally you will be able to use a belt because they have loops for it too. The fabric has 4-way stretch and is lightweight, breathes well, resists abrasion and dries quickly. They also have special knee stitching that makes moving in them comfortable. And the hook and loop strips at the bottom allow to tighten the legs that may become useful when hiking in a forest.

With pants like these you don’t have to think what to wear hiking in hot weather, shorts or pants? You always have both.

Highly functional pants for light traveling. Zip on or zip off the legs on the go.

MATERIAL: 90% Polyester, 10% Spandex


7. CQR Men’s Convertible Cargo Pants (click for more details)

Convertible mens pants for hot weather with a belt.

Multiple pockets – two front pockets, two back pockets with velcro closure, one cargo pocket with velcro closure and one cargo pocket with zipper closure. Reinforced plastic D-ring can be used to attach or secure different items like keys, glows or tools. The natural and synthetic fabric blend offers the best from the both worlds. It is lightweight, stretchy, sweat wicking, dries quickly and allows 2-way air circulation. Elastic waist panels and adjustable belt makes the hiking pants fit extra good.

Easy to convert from trousers to shorts and the other way around.

MATERIAL: 64% Cotton, 30% Nylon, 6% Spandex


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How to Find the Best Hot Weather Hiking Pants For Yourself?

How to find the best hot weather pants for your needs?

Let’s make this super simple.

Generally speaking it’s mostly about these 4 simple things.

1. Coverage

What to wear when hiking in very hot weather?

When searching for the best hiking pants for hot weather, you may want to look for UPF which represents the sun protection score. Similarly to the SPF filter in sunscreens, the higher the UPF rate the more protection the garment offers.

Besides sun protection, some fabrics offer resistance against rain water or abrasion which may become useful on a hiking trip through steppe or mountain shrubs.

2. Features

You definitely want to check what pockets the pants have.

Deep pockets that can carry a wallet or a mobile phone will be useful, for sure. Also, at least one pocket with a zipper could make your life easier on a hiking trip. Also, having the option to zip off the legs and converse the long leg pants to shorts is a great solution for mobility on a summer trip. As well as it saves the space in the luggage.

3. Comfort

Lightweight fabric, stretchiness and ability to adjust at waist area.

These are the characteristics that you want to look for in hot weather pants.

Lightweight fabric not only saves space in luggage, but also feels better on the skin. Some fabrics have a little percentage of spandex included in the blend that allows the pants to be a little stretchier. Hiking pants like that will feel great during any movement. Articulated knees that have special inserts or stitching can boost the comfort of movement too.

Elastic waist is one of the main reasons why most quality hiking pants feel much more comfortable than regular jeans. When the pants sit perfectly on your hips and you don’t need to adjust them after every step up or down a hill is an absolute game changer.

4. Material

The new generation nylon fabrics have become super smart when dealing with water.

The water repelling ability means that the fabric won’t absorb a splash of water or strain right on the spot, but it will distribute the moisture in a larger area. This means that neither sweat nor light rain will leave marks on your pants. Together with the quick-dry technology that makes taking care of your pants super easy.

Another great advantage of special hot weather clothing for hiking is breathability. When air breeze is able to reach the skin it keeps the moisture down.

What is your experience with hiking pants? What are the best hot weather hiking pants you have tried so far?

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