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Exciting Excursions From Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

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    What are the best excursions from Sharm el Sheikh?

    How far is it from Sharm el Sheikh to the Pyramids? It’s far – more than 310 miles (500 km) one way, but it’s still doable as a day trip from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo. That’s a cool trip to do, but it’s not the only option. There are many more exciting Sharm el Sheikh tours, day trips and also excursions in Sharm el Sheikh itself. After all, Sharm el Sheikh is one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt.

    Below are 7 great Sharm el Sheikh tours you can book online.

    Exciting Excursions From Sharm el Sheikh

    What are the options? What Sharm el Sheikh tour you must not miss?

    Check out some of the coolest excursions Sharm el Sheikh has to offer.

    1. Cairo Full Day Tour by Plane (click for more details)

    Una Admiring Pyramids in Cairo

    Cairo tour from Sharm el Sheikh by plane.

    One of the very best excursions from Sharm el Sheikh.

    No visit to Egypt is complete without a trip to the majestic city of Cairo and the Pyramids. However, if you are staying in Sharm el Sheikh, getting to Cairo can be challenging, as it’s a long drive (about 7 hours one way). And that’s why many tourists visiting Sharm el Sheikh decide against visiting Cairo.

    If you have always dreamed of visiting Cairo and the Pyramids, do not be discouraged. There’s an easier and more comfortable way – flying between the two cities. There are also guided tours that include flights, like the one linked in this article. On this tour, you’ll visit not only the iconic Pyramids and Great Sphinx, but also the famous Egyptian Museum, and the traditional souk in the historic centre of Cairo, Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

    DURATION: 15 hours


    • Visiting the Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx
    • Admiring ancient artefacts at the Egyptian Museum
    • Visiting the traditional souk

    The only drawback of this tour is that it’s expensive. At the same time, you see way more than when coming by bus, and the tour is way less tiring.

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    2. Full-Day Tour of Cairo and Pyramids by Bus (click for more details)

    Kaspars Jumping in Front of Pyramids

    Sharm el Sheikh to the Pyramids guided bus tour.

    One of the best cheap Cairo tours from Sharm el Sheikh.

    If you want to visit the Giza pyramid complex and Cairo, but you are on a budget, don’t forget that there are other options. One of these options is – a guided tour of Cairo and Pyramids by bus. During this guided tour, you’ll visit the iconic Pyramids and Great Sphinx, and the famous Egyptian Museum. The museum houses one the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the world.

    It’s cheap, yet long and quite exhausting. But it’s doable.

    DURATION: 20 hours


    • The most iconic monuments of Egypt – the Great Pyramids and Great Sphinx
    • Ancient artefacts on display at the Egyptian Museum
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    We went all on our own, and stayed in Cairo.

    There is a regular bus from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo.


    This is what we saw.

    In short, it was a completely different experience.

    3. Guided Day Trip to Luxor by Plane (click for more details)

    Karnak Temple in Luxor
    Photo by Frans Van Heerden from Pexels

    A guided day trip to Luxor by plane from Sharm El Sheikh.

    One of the most beautiful day trips from Sharm el Sheikh.

    Considered as one of the world’s largest open-air museums, Luxor is an iconic place to visit in Egypt. This UNESCO-listed ancient city has a large number of thousand-year-old temples, tombs, and statues. Some of Egypt’s most famous temples, tombs and monuments are located in Luxor. During your trip to Luxor with a guide, you’ll visit the Karnak Temple, the Theban Necropolis, the Valley of the Kings and the Memnon Colossi. All of these are iconic landmarks and are among the best places to visit in Egypt.

    DURATION: about 20 hours


    • Visiting one of the world’s largest open-air museums
    • Seeing all the iconic landmarks of Luxor, including the the Karnak Temple and the Valley of Kings
    • Admiring thousand-year-old temples and statues
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    4. Mount Sinai Sunrise Trek and St. Catherine’s Monastery (click for more details)

    Hiking in the Mountains of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt

    Mount Sinai hike (Moses Mountain).

    One of the best hikes in Egypt, and most popular.

    Join this tour to experience a beautiful sunrise at the top of the iconic Moses Mountain. You will start your excursion late in the evening (between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM). It will take around 4 hours to get to the Moses Mountain. Your group will start hiking during the night, so that you can arrive at the top in time for sunrise.

    After the sunrise, you’ll visit the UNESCO-listed St. Catherine’s Monastery, where you’ll see the old manuscripts and icons. By the way, it’s one of the oldest functioning monasteries in the world.

    DURATION: 17 hours


    • Hiking up the famous Moses Mountain
    • Experiencing a beautiful sunrise at the top of the mountain
    • Enjoying sweeping views of the area
    • Visiting one of the oldest functioning monasteries in the world
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    5. Quad Bike & Camel Ride Safari (click for more details)

    Camels in Egypt

    Quad bike and camel ride in the Red Sea coastal desert.

    One of the best Sharm excursions for the money.

    It’s inexpensive and takes only 3 hours – perfect short half-day Sharm el Sheikh excursion idea. As you might already know, Sharm el Sheikh is surrounded by desert and is well-known for its desolate desert landscapes. This magical desert is one of the best places in Sharm el Sheikh, and it can be explored on a quad bike. It is a fun and adventurous way how to see Sharm el Sheikh surroundings.

    DURATION: 3 hours


    • Exploring the Red Sea coastal desert
    • Riding a quad bike – one of the best things to do in Egypt
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    6. Snorkelling in Ras Muhammad National Park – with Optional Dive (click for more details)

    Colorful Fish and Corals
    Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

    A chance to go snorkelling and diving in Sharm el Sheikh.

    One of the best Sharm el Sheikh boat trips, our favorite.

    On this tour, you’ll visit Ras Muhammad National Park and White Island, which offers some of the best snorkeling in Sharm el Sheikh. Sharm el Sheikh is known as the gateway to some of the most beautiful reefs in the Red Sea, and, probably, in the whole world. Boasting crystal clear turquoise waters and abundant marine life, the Red Sea offers great snorkelling and diving. In fact, it is one of the best places in the world to do it. Many people come to Egyptian beach resorts (including Sharm) exclusively for diving.

    Many people come to Egyptian beach resorts (including Sharm) exclusively for diving.

    If you are visiting Sharm el Sheikh, we would definitely recommend you going on a snorkeling trip. If you are feeling adventurous, try diving too! However, if you are planning to dive in Sharm el Sheikh, make sure the local tour guide selling diving excursions is trustworthy and experienced.

    DURATION: 8 hours


    • Snorkelling in crystal-clear waters
    • Exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea
    • Introductory diving session (optional)
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    7. Snorkel & Camel Safari at Blue Hole (click for more details)

    Near Blue Hole, Dahab
    Deserted beach near the Blue Hole

    A day trip to the Blue Hole near Dahab.

    It is a very popular diving and snorkelling destination in Egypt.

    The place is located on the Sinai Peninsula, 10 km north of Dahab (a resort town popular with divers). The Blue Hole is one of the best places to visit if you love snorkelling or diving.You can easily get there yourself by bus from Sharm el Sheikh bus station. But there’s also an option to join a guided all-inclusive tour.

    On this tour, you’ll visit the Blue Hole and have a chance to see the vibrant underwater world. On your way to the Blue Hole, you’ll see the wonderful desert landscapes that are so common in this region. But on your way back, you’ll stop at Dahab for shopping and sightseeing. Keep in mind, that very often you have to pay for snorkelling equipment on the spot, at the Blue Hole.

    DURATION: 10 hours


    • Visiting a unique geologic formation – Dahab Blue Hole
    • Snorkelling in crystal-clear waters
    • Exploring the underwater world of the Red Sea
    • Visiting Dahab, a popular resort town known for “hippy” atmosphere
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    Snorkelling in Sharm el Sheikh
    Look at how clear the water is! (At Sunshine Divers Club Hotel – Il Porto)

    Sharm el Sheikh Travel Tips

    Are you traveling to Sharm el Sheikh anytime soon?

    Here are some of our best Sharm el Sheikh tips that will help you plan your trip.

    1. You may not need a visa for Egypt. If you’re only traveling to Sharm el Sheikh and Dahab, mostly you don’t need a visa. With this visa-exempt entry stamp you are allowed to stay for up to 15 days. However, if you want to leave these resorts of the Red Sea, you will need an Egypt visa. If you want to visit Cairo and/or Luxor too, you can get visa on arrival (it costs 25 USD). Keep in mind that not all nationalities can get visa or visa-exempt entry stamp on arrival. Make sure you always check the official sources.
    2. Fly to Sharm el Sheikh from Europe. The best way to get to Sharm el Sheikh is by air. Both charter and scheduled flights operate from many European airports to Sharm el Sheikh. If you live in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Milan, Rome and London take advantage of cheap low-cost airline flights (e.g., EasyJet, WizzAir, etc.).
    3. It can get cold in Sharm el Sheikh. If you are traveling to Sharm el Sheikh during the winter, pack a jacket and jeans. It can get cool during the evenings.
    4. Cairo, and the pyramids, is far away. Sharm el Sheikh is located some 500 km from Cairo. If you are planning on visiting the Pyramids, be prepared for a long day trip, even if you fly.
    5. Stay in Cairo for 2 or 3 days. If you’re interested in Cairo, we would recommend you to do a multi-day trip to Cairo. Fly from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo and stay there at least 2-3 days. Cairo has plenty of amazing historical landmarks and museums. In our opinion, half a day in Cairo is not enough.
    6. Luxor is another great place to visit. Just like Cairo, it’s far from Sharm el Sheikh. It’s better to fly there, and stay at least a couple of days.
    7. Are you an independent traveler? Are you looking for a nice hotel in Sharm el Sheikh? We would recommend Sunshine Divers Club – Il Porto in Shark’s Bay, next to the second best beach in Sharm el Sheikh. It’s a lovely hotel with a private beach area and nice restaurant. It is located quite far from Sharm el Sheikh city centre, but the location is good, as hotel is away from the hustle and bustle. There’s a small reef right in front of the hotel where you can go snorkelling or diving.
    See the hotel on

    Have you visited Egypt? Did you visit Sharm el Sheikh? Did you do any day excursions from Sharm el Sheikh? Which, in your opinion, are the best excursions from Sharm el Sheikh you could recommend? 

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