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Epic Day Trips in Malta

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    What are the best day trips in Malta?

    What to see in Malta in 3 days? 5 days? 7 days? Malta is a small island country in the Mediterranean Sea, and its size is one of its advantages. Even though there are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Malta, most of it can be done on day trips. Malta is a perfect destination for that. You can base yourself in one place, and explore the whole country from there. Where to stay in Malta? Our recommendation – Sliema.

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    Epic Day Trips in Malta

    What are the options? What are the best Malta tours?

    Where can you go on day trips from Malta?

    1. St Paul’s Bay Boat Trip by Catamaran (click for more details)

    Bay next to St Paul's Bay
    Bay next to St Paul’s Bay

    One of the most fun day boat trips in Malta.

    Overall, the best day trip in Malta, our favorite.

    On this trip you get a bit of everything. You get a boat ride in epic location. You go swimming and snorkelling in crystal clear waters. And you also get a party with other travelers. Alternatively, you can chill on board of a modern sailing catamaran. We loved St. Paul’s Bay. If you like swimming and jumping in the water, you’ll love this place.

    DURATION: 5-6 hours


    • Some of the best beaches in Malta
    • Swimming and snorkelling
    • Fun atmosphere
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    2. Comino Blue Lagoon Boat Trip (click for more details)

    Lagoon near Malta

    One of the most popular boat trips from Malta.

    Comino is a small island of the Maltese archipelago. It’s situated between the islands of Malta and Gozo. And Blue Lagoon is one of the top attractions in Comino. It is not without a reason that so many people go on boat trips to Comino, Malta. Speaking of the tour, this is your average boat ride in the Mediterranean.

    That means — swimming, water slides (from the boat), snorkelling and sunbathing on the deck. In short, a lot of fun. The only drawback is that it’s a big boat with a lot of people.

    DURATION: 4.5 – 7 hours


    • Visiting Blue Lagoon
    • Swimming and snorkelling
    • Water slides
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    3. Mdina and Rabat Walking Tour (click for more details)

    Taking a selfie in Mdina, Malta
    In Mdina, Malta

    A walking tour around the old capital of Malta.

    It’s one of the shortest day tours in Malta.

    You know what, Mdina is awesome. If you like cute medieval cities, definitely don’t miss Mdina. It’s not just like a smaller Valleta. It’s something else. It’s something very unique. This tour doesn’t include a pickup, so you’ll have to get to Mdina yourself. It’s very easy to go from Valleta to Mdina by bus (or from Sliema).

    DURATION: 2.5 hours


    • Strolling through the narrow streets of Mdina
    • Mdina Cathedral
    • Learning the history of Mdina
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    4. Valletta, Mdina, and Mosta Night Tour (click for more details)

    Fountain in Valletta at night
    Fountain in Valletta

    A Malta sightseeing bus tour at night.

    This is your chance to learn more about Malta and see some of its top sights at night. And if you are short on time, this is also your chance to fit in one more excursion (and see more of Malta) in one day. Since this tour also includes a hotel pickup, you don’t even have to go anywhere.

    DURATION: 4 hours


    • Visiting Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta
    • City views at night
    • Panoramic views of the whole island
    • 5D Malta history show in Valletta
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    Our top Malta travel tip – get a public transport pass for traveling around Malta and Gozo. Most of tourists in Malta use public transportation. It goes more or less everywhere and is reliable. The same pass works both on Malta and Gozo.

    Gozo Day Trips From Malta

    5. Full-Day Quad Bike Tour of Gozo with Lunch (click for more details)

    Ramla Beach in Gozo, Malta
    Ramla Beach in Gozo, Malta

    An adventure filled day in Gozo (with boat ride from Malta).

    One of the very best day trips in Malta for adventure lovers.

    Gozo is an island next to Malta. It’s similar to Malta, but it isn’t the same. Some even say that Gozo is better than Malta. Hence, if you have time, then definitely try to visit Gozo. At least on a day trip from Malta. This quad bike tour is one of your best options for an adventurous day trip to Gozo. During the trip you visit also some of my personal favorite spots in Gozo, like the Ramla Bay and the Inland Sea.

    DURATION: 8 hours


    • Boat ride to Gozo and back
    • Epic landscapes of Gozo
    • Ramla Bay
    • Inland Sea
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    6. Gozo Full-Day Jeep Tour with Lunch (click for more details)

    Inland Sea, Gozo
    Inland Sea, Gozo

    One of the best Gozo day trips from Malta.

    Visit Gozo with more comfort. If a quad bike tour mentioned higher is not what you are looking for, and you want a bit more comfort, then this is for you. It’s more or less the same day trip but with a jeep. The tour price includes ferry ticket from Malta and back.

    DURATION: 8 hours


    • Boat ride to Gozo and back
    • Epic landscapes of Gozo
    • Inland Sea
    • Ramla Bay
    • Ancient limestone quarries and historic salt pans
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    Malta to Sicily Day Trip

    Yes, you can go on a day trip from Malta to Sicily.

    While we can’t recommend anyone specific, there are also Sicily day trips from Malta. These are boat trips, and on average they take around 14 – 18 hours. Starting from Malta at around 6 am, and finishing at around midning. So, it’s a very long day trip.

    View from Xaqqa Cliffs, Malta
    View from Xaqqa Cliffs, Malta

    A Simple 1-Week Itinerary: Malta & Gozo

    A week in Malta, is that a lot? Or not enough?

    For me, personally, one week in Malta is enough. It’s a small island. At the same time, if you enjoy traveling at a slower pace (like I do), don’t expect to see “everything”. Because while Malta is small, it’s not tiny, and there are plenty of things to do in Malta. Especially, if you plan to visit Gozo island as well. Here’s a simple 7 day Malta itinerary:

    Day 1 – Arrival. Walk around Sliema (if you stay in Sliema; highly recommended).

    Here’s a very nice hostel in Sliema with great location – Corner Hostel.

    Day 2 – Valleta and Three Cities day trip.

    Our favorite was Birgu.

    Day 3 – Mdina and coastal hike.

    For example, Dingli Cliffs – Xaqqa Cliffs – Blue Grotto Hike.

    Day 4 – Beach day in the city.

    Day 5 – Beach or boat ride day.

    This is how we felt about Malta. Even though the island is small, the rides are pretty long and tiring. So, it’s good to have a day or two for beach and some light sightseeing in the middle of the trip.

    Day 6 – Gozo day trip from Malta.

    Day 7 – Swimming in Qarraba Bay and / or St. Peter’s Pool.

    Or day trip to St. Peter’s Bay.

    This is what 1 week in Malta can look like. If you are in Malta for 3 days only, I wouldn’t go to Gozo. Yes, Gozo is a beautiful island but so is Malta. If you have 5-7 days, then I would definitely try to visit Gozo as well.

    Have you been to Malta? Did you do any day trips in Malta? Did you go on any organised tours, excursions or boat trips in Malta? What was your experience?

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