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What are the best backpack rain covers?

How to choose the best rain cover for your backpack?

Because a rain cover is a must. Whether you are planning to go hiking or not, don’t forget to pack a rain cover for your backpack! Most of the rain covers are small and cheap, and even the best rain covers aren’t expensive. But, boy, one time this small thing will save your day. Believe me. For me personally it’s one piece of a travel gear I never leave for a backpacking trip without.

Cheap rain covers cost mostly around 10 dollars, while some of the best backpack rain covers start at just 20 dollars.

Not a huge difference, huh?

Quick Answer: Value for Money

Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

It’s cheap. It’s durable. It comes in several different sizes.

Overall the best backpack rain cover for the money.

The rain cover is made of 300D nylon. Thanks to its triple construction it’s fully waterproof, and ready to be taken on all kind of adventures. The Joy Walker is available in few bright colors. And it comes with a velvet pouch.

Best Backpack Rain Cover 2021

To read a little bit more about every one of them scroll down!

By far most of these rain covers are available in different sizes and colors. For more photos, latest price and user reviews check them out on Amazon – just click on the name or image of the rain cover.

Here are the best rain covers + best cheap backpack rain covers.

Joy Walker***15 – 90 literCheck the price!
Kelty 30 – 100 literL: 5 oz
(142 g)
Check the price!
Sea to Summit15 – 95 literXS: 2 oz
(57 g)

S: 3 oz
(85 g)

M: 4 oz
(113 g)

L: 4.6 oz
(130 g)
Check the price!
Osprey Hi-Visibility10 – 35 literXS: 2.6 oz
(73 g)

S: 3 oz
(85 g)
Check the price!
Osprey UltraLight***30 – 110 literM: 2.8 oz
(80 g)

L: 3.2 oz
(90 g)

XL: 3.5 oz
(100 g)
Check the price!
50 - 90 liter4.5 oz
(127 g)
Check the price!
Deuter Transport Cover60 - 90 liter15.8 oz
(448 g)
Check the price!
OUTADS: 15 - 35 liter
M: 35 - 55 liter
L: 55 - 80 liter
S: 3.5 oz
(100 g)

M: 4.9 oz
(139 g)

L: 6 oz
(171 g)
Check the price!
1.76 oz
(50 g)
Check the price!
Salzmann 3M25 - 36 literCheck the price!
Jepeak30 - 40 literCheck the price!
Terra HikerS: 15 - 40 liter
M: 45 - 60 liter
L: 60 - 80 liter
S: 3.8 oz
(108 g)

M: 4.2 oz
(120 g)

L: 6.1 oz
(172 g)
Check the price!
OUTAD (reflective strip)M: 35 - 55 liter
L: 55 - 80 liter
M: 4.9 oz (139 g)

L: 6 oz (171 g)
Check the price!
*** - our favorites

Best Rain Cover for Backpack 2021: Reviews

1. Joy Walker Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Best for: Hiking.

Material: 300D Nylon.

Size: 15 – 90 liter.

Pros: Highly durable & fully waterproof. Comes with a velvet pouch.

Available in several bright colors.

Cons: You may lose its pouch, as it’s not attached to the rain cover.

2. Kelty Rain Cover

Best for: Hiking and backpacking.

Weight: 5 oz (142 g) (Large).

Material: 190T Nylon.

Size: 30 – 100 liter.

Pros: Waterproof & ready for heavy downpour.

Features an internal adjustable pull cord.

Cons: Only 2 sizes.

3. Sea to Summit SN240 Pack Cover

Best for: Active day to day use, including hiking in the heavy rain. Best waterproof backpack cover.

Weight: 2 oz (XS), 3 oz (S), 4 oz (M), 4.6 oz (L); 57 g (XS), 85 g (S), 113 g (M), 130 g (L).

Material: Siliconized Cordura.

Size: 15 – 95 liter.

Pros: Lightweight. Comes in several sizes. No seam construction provides complete waterproofness.

Cons: Quite pricey.

4. Osprey Hi-Visibility Rain Cover

Best for: Short trips, when you are traveling with a smaller backpack.

Weight: 2.6 oz (XS), 3 oz (S); 73 g (XS), 85 g (S).

Material: 70D Nylon Ripstop.

Size: 10 – 35 liter.

Pros: Features reflective graphics. Folds into its own case.

Cons: Small.

5. Osprey UltraLight Raincover

Best for: Backpacking and long term traveling.

Weight: 2.8 oz (M), 3.2 oz (L), 3.5 oz (XL); 80 g (M), 90 g (L), 100 g (XL).

Material: 40D Rip-stop Nylon.

Size: 30 – 110 liter.

Pros: Extremely lightweight, yet waterproof, this Osprey rain cover folds down into its own case.

Cons: Not the most durable rain cover, when it comes to rough transportation conditions, even though it’s made of Ripstop Nylon.

6. Deuter Rain Cover 3

Best for: Hiking & big backpacks.

Weight: 4.5 oz (127 g).

Material: Taffeta-Nylon.

Size: 50 – 90 liter.

Pros: Waterproof and adventure-ready.

Cons: Only one size (relatively big).

7. Deuter Transport Cover

Best for: Transportation of your backpack.

Weight: 15.8 oz (448 g).

Material: Nylon.

Size: 60 – 90 liter.

Pros: Great solution solely for transportation of your backpack. Covers the bag completely. Features 2 sturdy grab handles. High quality.

Cons: Can’t be used, while you are wearing the backpack.

Hiking in Himalayas - Backpack is covered with a rain cover

Hiking in Himalayas, Nepal

Best Cheap Rain Covers

1. OUTAD Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Best for: Day to day use, backpacking and hiking.

Weight: 3.5 oz (S), 4.9 oz (M), 6 oz (L); 100 g (S), 139 g (M), 171 g (L).

Material: Rip-resistant polyester oxford fabric.

Size: 15 – 80 liter.

Pros: Highly durable. Several designs are available.

Cons: Heavier than many others.

2. CamelBak Rain Cover

Best for: Short day trips and small backpacks.

Weight: 1.76 oz (50 g).

Material: Coated Nylon.

Size: S/M, M/L.

Pros: Compatible with CamelBak hydration packs (read product description for more details!).

Cons: It’s small.

3. Salzmann 3M Scotchlite Reflective Backpack Cover

Best for: Bike commuters, cyclists in general and everyone who wants to be seen in the dark. Note, that it’s available only in one size, and it’s small/medium.

Size: 25 – 36 liter.

Pros: Made of reflective materials.

Cons: Only one size, and it’s pretty small. Sadly not big enough to be used with most of the hiking and travel backpacks.

4. Jepeak Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover

Best for: Daily commute and light traveling.

Material: Nylon.

Size: 30 – 40 liter.

Pros: Waterproof. Simple design with only a small logo on it. Available in bright colors.

Cons: Might be too small even for carry on size backpack, if you pack it completely full or attach something to the outside of the bag.

5. Terra Hiker Backpack Rain Cover

Best for: Hiking and backpacking.

Weight: 3.8 oz (S), 4.2 oz (M), 6.1 oz (L); 108 g (S), 120 g (M), 172 g (L).

Material: 300D Oxford fabric.

Size: 15 – 80 liter.

Pros: Durable. Waterproof. Several designs are available, including camouflage.

Cons: Not the lightest rain cover.

6. OUTAD Waterproof Backpack Rain Cover With Reflective Strip

Best for: Hiking and backpacking.

Weight: 4.9 oz (M), 6 oz (L); 139 g (M), 171 g (L).

Material: Oxford fabric.

Size: 35 – 80 liter.

Pros: Reflective strip for extra visibility in the darkness. Available in several colors.

Cons: Heavy.

Choosing a Backpack Rain Cover in 3 Steps

Is it really only about the rain? Nope.

Backpack covers can protect your gear not only from the rain.

For example, I sometimes use rain cover also when putting my backpack in the baggage compartment of a bus. So my backpack doesn’t get too dirty. But if you are traveling to countries like Nepal, where they often put your luggage on the roof of a vehicle, then I would highly recommend you to use a rain cover every time your bag is being transported.

Which one is the best rain cover for backpack?

How to choose the one for yourself? Is it even something worth stressing about? Or maybe you can just get any you like and that’s it, and… problem solved? Let me help you with this task.

1) Do You Need a Waterproof Backpack

Why am I even asking you this?

Because you need to understand, if a regular backpack, one you probably have already, and a waterproof bag cover will be enough for your needs. Or maybe it’s worth getting a waterproof backpack?

Most probably you don’t need a fully waterproof backpack.

Most of travelers don’t need one. But it’s worth to remember, that there is such an option as well, a more serious solution, I would say. And it’s something you should be considering, if you plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, in the rain, and/or doing water sports.

2) Material of the Rain Cover

The lightest rain cover may not be the best option.

That’s one of the most important things to remember, when searching for a new rain cover for your backpack.

Because the lightest ones also tend to be less durable, in particular when it comes to tough conditions. So think about it – what kind of traveler you are and where are you planning to go. If you need the best backpack cover and you plan to use it mainly for medium to long distance hiking trips, then look for a high performance rain cover.

For instance, the Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil pack cover.

The lightest rain cover may not be the best option.

Another reason to look for a tougher rain cover would be if you plan to use it for transportation needs.

For the best waterproofness look for a seamless rain cover.

3) Size of the Backpack and Rain Cover

Don’t buy a rain cover that is too small!

A slightly bigger rain cover will be the best choice. This way you’ll have that extra space for the situations when you will decide to attach something to the outside of your backpack. If you know you’ll hiking and you have a big camping mat or sleeping bag, something that you’ll be attaching to the outside of the pack, take that into account, too.

A slightly bigger rain cover mostly will not be a problem.

If you prefer to have less stuff, think of getting yourself a big rain poncho instead. You can use it to protect both yourself and your gear from the elements.

What’s your experience with rain covers? Do you feel like you need a waterproof cover for backpack? Do you use one? Did you buy it or was it included with your backpack?

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