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Our 2 Weeks Morocco Itinerary (We Loved It In Morocco!)

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    Here’s our 2 weeks Morocco itinerary.

    If you are currently planning a trip to Morocco, then this guide is for you. Especially, if you are going to be backpacking in Morocco. We’ve been to Morocco and we loved it there. We came without any expectations, and returned with lots of beautiful memories. To help you prepare for your own trip to Morocco, now we are sharing our itinerary for Morocco — 2 weeks in Morocco on your own.

    It’s a day-by-day itinerary, useful travel tips, hotel recommendations, plus information about transportation and some of the best things to do in Morocco.

    Morocco is a country in North Africa, located right across the Strait of Gibraltar. Being just a 4 hour plane-ride away from London, it’s one of the the closest exotic destination to Europe. The country is influenced by Berber, Arabian and European cultures, making it a great choice for your first trip outside of Europe.

    2 Weeks in Morocco Itinerary: Route

    There are cheap flights from many cities in Europe to Morocco.

    If you are flexible, and don’t mind having a 1-2 day stopover on the way, we recommend you to use Kiwi Nomad feature. With Kiwi Nomad you can find the cheapest flights. With Kiwi Nomad you can also improvise, add a few extra stops, and make your Morocco itinerary even more interesting.

    There are also ferries from Spain to Morocco.

    Our Morocco trip itinerary (we arrived from London):

    Fez – Marrakesh – Essaouira – Taghazout – Agadir – Mirleft – Marrakesh – Fez.

    Is it possible to make it in less than 2 weeks? To turn it into a “10 days in Morocco itinerary”? If you have less time, remove Taghazout, maybe fly at some point, or fly back directly from Agadir, and you can also make it in 10 days.

    Transportation in Morocco

    During our trip to Morocco we used public transportation.

    We used local buses, long distance buses and trains, as well as shared taxis or “Grand taxi”, as they call them in Morocco. Buses (at least CTM, Supratours) and trains in Morocco are the same as good as in Europe. It’s easy to book them. They are reliable, you can go to a lot of places, and they are also comfortable.

    People in Fez Morocco
    People in Fez, Morocco

    1. Fez – Marrakesh by Bus or Train

    You can get from Fez to Marrakesh by a bus or train.

    Traveling by bus is the cheapest option, but trains are faster and more comfortable. Train tickets can be bought at the counter at the train station or from the ticket vending machines, which also are located at the train station.

    Buses run frequently between Fez and Marrakesh.

    The most popular bus companies are CTM and Supratours.

    The tickets can be bought at their offices. Supratours bus tickets also can be bought at the same ticket vending machines at the railway station.

    Our Experience:

    Actually when we were buying bus tickets to Marrakesh, we thought that we are buying train tickets. How it’s even possible? Well, we went to Fez railway station and saw the ticket machines next to the ticket counters and decided to buy tickets from one of the machines. We selected the date and time (late in the evening) and bought the tickets. We didn’t know the schedule of trains to Marrakesh and didn’t know what time is the last train to Marrakesh.

    An hour before the departure we arrived in the train station to find out that there’s no such a train at that time. We asked the staff and were told that we have bought Supratours bus tickets. Luckily the Supratours bus stop was just across the road from the train station. CTM bus stop is located a couple of miles away from the railway station.

    If you want to travel by train and not by bus, know the train schedule. Pay attention to the screen. When you are about to buy a train ticket you will have to choose the class of travel. Also train tickets are more expensive than bus tickets.

    Bus ticket price: around 160 MAD

    Train ticket price: starting from around 200 MAD

    2. Marrakesh – Essaouira by Bus

    You can get from Marrakesh to Essaouira by bus.

    Two of the best bus companies in Morocco, the ones that most tourists travel with, are CTM and Supratours. You can buy bus tickets at their offices. Supratours bus tickets also can be bought at the ticket vending machines in the train stations (e.g., Fez, Marrakesh).

    Ticket price: around 80 MAD

    3. Essaouira – Taghazout by Bus

    To get from Essaouira to Taghazout take a bus to Agadir.

    Usually, buses don’t stop in Taghazout, but some stop in Tamraght which is a village nearby. However, you can ask the driver if he can let you get off the bus in Taghazout. When buying a ticket, ask where the bus will stop. Buy a ticket to Tamraght if the bus stops there. If not buy a ticket until the final stop, Agadir, and from there travel to Taghazout by a local bus (No. 32).

    The best way to get from Tamragh to Taghazout is by shared taxi (“Grand taxi). You can flag down a taxi on the main road – on the same road you got off the bus. The ride costs around 15-20 MAD per person.

    Ticket price: around 70 MAD

    On the train in Morocco
    On the train in Morocco

    4. Taghazout – Agadir by Local Bus

    It’s very easy and very cheap to get from Taghazout to Agadir.

    Just look for the bus No. 32.

    When we were in Taghazout, the road in the town was under construction and the bus stop was moved to a place almost outside the village. However, as the village is so small it was not a problem to walk uphill for a few minutes where a bus stop was located at that time. Ask staff at your hotel / guest house, and they will tell you where the bus stop is located.

    You can also travel to Agadir by shared taxi (“Grand taxi) or a regular taxi.

    Ticket price: around 7.5 MAD

    5. Agadir – Mirleft by Bus

    There’s a CTM bus to Mirleft daily, at 4 PM.

    Do not miss it, as it’s the only bus from Agadir to Mirleft.

    The tickets can be bought at the CTM counter in Agadir bus station.

    There’s another way how to get to Mirleft, though. You can travel to Tiznit by shared taxi or a bus, and then from there take a shared (“Grand”) taxi to Mirleft. “Grand taxi” can be found at the taxi stand in Tiznit, which is opposite the main post office.

    Ticket price: around 75 MAD

    6. Mirleft – Marrakesh by Shared Taxi and Bus

    From Mirleft get a shared taxi to Tiznit.

    And from Tiznit you can get a bus to Marrakesh.

    Taxi stand in Mirleft is very easy to find. It’s right in the town center, close to the Attijariwafa Bank and Boulevard Legzira. Mirleft is a small town, and it’s easy to find everything there. In Tiznit CTM bus stand (and office) is only a short walk away from the taxi drop off point. There’s a Supratours bus stand as well. It’s very close to the CTM stand – just a few minute walk away. So, if you arrive to Tiznit and the earliest bus is full, go to the other bus company first, before buying a ticket to the next bus.

    Grand taxi from Mirleft to Tiznit: around 15 MAD

    Bus ticket price: around 145 MAD

    7. Marrakesh – Fez by Train or Bus

    Head to Marrakesh train station to buy train tickets.

    We used one of the ticket machines in the train station. If you want to travel by a bus bus, tickets can be bought at the same machines or in the CTM or Supratours offices that are close to the train station.

    Bus ticket price: around 160 MAD

    Train ticket price: starting from around 200 MAD

    A view of Fez from a hill
    A view of Fez from a hill

    2 Weeks Morocco Itinerary: What to Do in Morocco?

    Here’s our 14 day Morocco itinerary, day by day.

    Day 1 – Flight to Fez, Morocco. Arriving in Fez

    If you arrive in Fez late in the evening the only way to get to the city is to take a taxi. Taxis are outside the airport. A taxi ride to the Medina (old town) or the city center is around 150 MAD.

    If you arrive during the day, you can take a bus number 16.

    It goes to the city center (near central railway station).

    Day 2 – Fez

    Explore Fez old town (Medina). You can spend whole day there.

    You can do it on your own, or you can go with a guide. There are countless shops and markets in Fez Medina. You’ll find various craft shops there. Leather, pottery, textile, spice, etc. shops are abundant in Fez Medina.

    Don’t miss Chaouwara Tanneries and Kairaouine Mosque (Mosque of al-Qarawiyyin). These are probably the most popular attractions in Fez, two of the most popular places to visit in Fez, and deservedly so.

    Have lunch at Le Coin des Artistes which is located just outside the Medina.

    It’s a cheap and good cafe. Staff is polite and unobtrusive.

    Fez Medina
    Fez Medina
    Market in Fez Medina
    A market in Fez Medina
    A Narrow Street in Fez Medina
    A narrow street in Fez Medina
    A hill near Fez
    A hill near Fez

    In the evening just before the sunset hike up one of the surrounding hills.

    One of the best options is Borj Nord hill which is located close to the Medina. There’s a fort at the top of this hill, which is modelled after the Portuguese Forts of the 16th century and was established in late 16th century.

    We stayed at Ibis Budget Fes Hotel. There is a hill near the hotel.

    15 – 20 minutes of walking and you are on the top of it.

    There are also desert tours available from Fez. In most cases, it’s going to be at least a 2 day tour. Because of the long distance you have to travel.

    Day 3 – Fez, a Train or a Bus to Marrakesh

    This is your last day in Fez. Start your day early.

    Visit the Royal Palace and explore the Jewish Quarter (Fes Mellah).

    Don’t miss Ibn Danan synagogue which is built in the 17th century, and is one of the most popular landmarks in the Jewish Quarter. Visit also the Jewish cemetery. Wander around the Jewish Quarter. There are plenty of cute tiny streets, where outer walls of the houses are painted violet or bright blue (just like the ones in Chefchaouen).

    Have lunch at Restaurant Aladino.

    It’s a popular local restaurant near the railway station.

    Then take the 3 PM train to Marrakesh. It’s an affordable and comfortable way to travel around Morocco. There are also earlier trains, but this way you can have more time to explore Fez. It’s better to buy the train ticket one day in advance. You can buy it either at the counter at the train station, or from the ticket vending machines which also are located at the train station. For more info see above.

    You’ll arrive in Marrakesh late in the evening (around 10 PM).

    The best way to get to your hotel is by taxi.

    Marrakesh Medina
    Marrakesh Medina

    Day 4 – Marrakesh

    Go to Marrakesh Medina first thing in the morning.

    That’s when it’s more quiet there. Unlike the Fez Medina, cars and motorbikes are allowed there. So be careful, as it’s not that easy to manoeuvre in those narrow roads. Even though Marrakesh Medina is a very busy place, it’s not hard to find small, quiet streets where you’ll feel like you’ve gone back to the past. For me, personally, it’s the best place to visit in Marrakesh.

    Visit Majorelle Garden and the Berber Museum (Musée Berbère Jardin Majorelle). Entrance fees are 70 MAD and 30 MAD, accordingly. To visit the Berber Museum you have to buy also a ticket to the Majorelle Garden, as the museum is on the garden’s grounds. When you have finished exploring the gardens and the Medina, head to the modern part of the town.

    Some very interesting Marrakesh tours are available:

    Half-Day Historical and Cultural Tour

    3-Hour Colorful Souks Tour

    Marrakech: Street Food Tour by Night

    In the evening, return to the Medina and head Jemaa el-Fnaa.

    It’s an impressive square and market, one of the top Morocco attractions.

    Note – if somebody (men with monkeys, snake charmers, acrobats, etc.) in the square offers to take a photo of them, be prepared to pay some money for it. It won’t be for free. But don’t worry about that! You can also just say no and enjoy the atmosphere, if you don’t want to pay for photos! You’ll find various restaurants and juice / smoothie stalls in Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Have dinner in one of those restaurants, and definitely try a couple of the delicious juices or smoothies!

    If you have more time in Marrakesh, note that there are a lot of day trip options – Ouzoud Waterfalls, Berber Villages, Atlas Mountains. It’s even possible to go from Marrakesh to Essaouira on a day trip. Though, we would recommend to spend at least a day or two in this seaside town.

    A road in Marrakesh, with a backdrop of mountains
    A road in Marrakesh, with a backdrop of mountains
    Traffic in Marrakesh, Morocco
    Traffic in Marrakesh, Morocco
    Marrakesh railway station - Morocco itinerary
    Marrakesh railway station – Morocco Itinerary

    Day 5 – Marrakesh, a Bus to Essaouira

    Check out and leave your bags at the reception.

    Visit Yves Saint Laurent museum (tour is available).

    Pick up your bags and take a bus to Essaouira. The best time to leave is around 2 PM, so you still have some time for exploring Marrakesh in the morning. Also, so you won’t arrive in Essaouira late. As the journey takes only 3 hours, this way you’ll arrive in Essaouira just in time for dinner, around the sunset time.

    In the old town of Essaouira
    In the old town of Essaouira

    Day 6 – Essaouira

    Explore the Medina of Essaouira (old town).

    Just like any other Moroccan city, Essaouira also has a Medina.

    Have lunch at one of the local restaurants on Rue Bagdad (GPS coordinates: 31.515024, -9.766357). On Fridays local eateries there serve couscous. Any other day you can try delicious tajine with vegetables, meat, fish or seafood. After lunch head to the harbour. It’s a place bustling with fishermen.

    Watch the sunset on Essaouira beach.

    A street in Essaouira
    A street in Essaouira
    Essaouira harbour
    Essaouira harbour
    Essaouira port in the afternoon
    Essaouira port in the afternoon

    Day 7 – a Bus From Essaouira to Taghazout

    Take the 3 PM bus to Agadir and get off at Tamragh.

    It’s some 4 miles (6 kilometers) south from Taghazout. Buses usually don’t stop at Taghazout, even though it is on their way. You can ask the driver, however. Locals told us that sometimes they stop to let off the passengers. The best way to get from Tamragh to Taghazout is by taxi. Traveling by a shared taxi (“Grand taxi) is way cheaper than by a regular taxi. You can flag down a taxi on the main road – on the same road you got off the bus.

    If you leave at 3 PM, you’ll arrive in Taghazout just in time for dinner, around the sunset time. Enjoy breathtaking views from the cliffs and have dinner at WestCoast restaurant.

    A view of Taghazout beach Morocco
    A view of Taghazout beach, Morocco

    Day 8 – Taghazout

    Chill on the beach or go surfing in Taghazout.

    When someone asks me what to do in Morocco, I always tell – go to at least one of the seaside towns/villages. For example, Essaouira, Taghazout or Mirleft. The vibe there is unlike anywhere else in Morocco.

    Day 9 – Taghazout and Paradise Valley

    A day trip to Paradise Valley.

    Take the No. 32 bus to Awrir (Aourir). The ticket costs a mere 5 MAD. In Aourir look for a shared taxi (“Grand taxi”). The taxi stand is not far from the bus stop. Look for a taxi that goes to Paradise Valley. Price is around 20 MAD per person.

    There are several natural pools in the Paradise Valley.

    So, don’t forget to take your swimwear and towel.

    As it may take some time to get a shared taxi back to Aourir, plan accordingly. If you don’t want to wait, you can always take a regular taxi back to the town. If you haggle a bit, it will cost you very reasonably. We paid something like 150 MAD.

    Take a dip in the ocean and watch the sunset on Taghazout beach.

    Taxis in Agadir Morocco
    Taxis in Agadir, Morocco
    Paradise Valley in Morocco
    Paradise Valley, Morocco
    A view of Paradise Valley
    A view of Paradise Valley

    Day 10 – a Bus to Agadir

    Take the No. 32 bus to Agadir.

    It takes just one hour and costs around 8 MAD.

    Explore Agadir. Visit the fish market, the Medina and the souks.

    Watch the sunset on Agadir beach.

    Day 11 – Agadir, a Bus to Mirleft

    Many Morocco itineraries skip this town. Simply because of how far South is Mirleft.We included Mirleft in our Morocco 2 week itinerary, and weren’t disappointed at all. We were very happy about our decision.

    As the only bus to Mirleft is at 4 PM, you have a free morning.

    The bus to Mirleft departs from Agadir bus station.

    See above for more information.

    You’ll arrive in Mirleft late in the evening.

    Mirleft as seen from a hill
    Mirleft as seen from a hill
    A view of Mirleft beach
    A view of Mirleft beach

    Day 12 – Mirleft and Legzira

    Start your day early. Visit Mirleft beach.

    Rent a scooter, bicycle or a car and go to Legzira.

    It’s a beautiful beach 13 miles / 21 kilometers south of Mirleft. The roads to Legzira are good, and there’s not much traffic. However, the roads are windy and often you have to go uphill. If you are cycling to Legzira, like we did, it most probably will take you more than one hour to cycle to Legzira.

    Legzira beach is awesome! It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco. If you like unspoiled nature, for you it’s clearly gonna be among the top 10 best places to visit in Morocco. When we went there in December there were only a few more tourists. For some 30 minutes it was only us on the beach.

    Go back to Mirleft so that you arrive there some time before the sunset.

    Watch the sunset from the cliffs.

    Cycling from Mirleft to Legzira
    Cycling from Mirleft to Legzira
    Legzira beach in Morocco
    Legzira beach in Morocco
    Legzira beach Morocco
    Legzira beach, Morocco
    Cliffs in Mirleft
    Cliffs in Mirleft

    Day 13 – a Bus to Marrakesh

    Get a shared taxi to Tiznit.

    From there take a bus to Marrakesh. See info above.

    Spend a night in Marrakesh.

    Day 14 – a Train to Fez

    Take the 12 PM train to Fez. By doing so you’ll arrive in Fez at about 7 PM.

    If you want to spend some time in Marrakesh, take the 2 PM train.

    Spend the night in Fez.

    Day 15 – Going Home

    Street in Marrakesh - Morocco itinerary
    Street in Marrakesh – Morocco Itinerary

    Morocco Travel Tips

    Here are a few of our best Morocco travel tips.

    1. You don’t need a visa for Morocco. Citizens of the EU, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and some countries in Asia and South America don’t require a visa to travel to Morocco.
    2. Get a Moroccan SIM card. It will be much cheaper than using your SIM card. You can get one at the airport, at the train station or at any cell phone store. Morocco has three network operators: Maroc Telecom, Orange and Inwi. We had Maroc Telecom SIM, and we didn’t have any problems with it. SIM cards are cheap (around 20 MAD), as well as mobile data (around 10 MAD per 1 GB). Alternatively, you can use an eSIM. It’s more convenient. See our Airalo eSIM review.
    3. Best time to visit Morocco is spring and fall. However, the weather in some places in Morocco is pleasant throughout the year. Check HolidayWeather for more info!
    4. Trains in Morocco are very, very good. They are the most convenient way to travel around Morocco. It’s an affordable and comfortable way of travel. Unfortunately, you can’t get everywhere by a train in Morocco. The second best option are CTM and Supratours buses. The tickets are inexpensive, and the buses are in a very good condition, like in Europe.
    5. Accommodation in Morocco is affordable. But it’s not as cheap as in Southeast Asia. Be prepared to pay around 200 to 250 MAD (20 – 25 EUR) for a simple double room. A bunk in a backpacker hostel in Morocco starts at around 70 MAD (7 EUR).

    2 Weeks in Morocco Itinerary: Accommodation

    Here are hotel recommendations for your 2-week Morocco trip.

    1. Fez – Ibis Budget Fes

    Ibis Budget Fez
    Ibis Budget Fez

    A good budget hotel in Fez, Morocco.

    Located 15-minute drive away from the Medina.

    It’s a good option for those who arrive late in the evening or at night. Unlike hotels in the Medina (narrow streets; cars are not allowed), Ibis Budget is very easy to find. The rooms are rather small but clean and modern. Each room has a private bathroom and air conditioning.

    Breakfast is not included.

    Double room starts at 300 MAD.

    See on

    2. Marrakesh – Riad Thalge

    Hotel room Marrakesh
    A room in Riad Thalge
    A hotel lobby Marrakesh Morocco
    An inner yard of Riad Thalge

    A beautiful riad in Marrakesh Medina.

    The hotel is situated near the Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Each room has a private bathroom and a fan (or heater). Guests have access to the roof terrace. Breakfast is included.

    Double room starts at 500 MAD.

    See on

    3. Essaouira – Les Matins Bleus

    Beautiful, colorful rooms in a traditional house – riad.

    Les Matins Bleus is located in the Medina, not far from the beach. Each room has its own bathroom and patio. Breakfast is included.

    Double room starts at 400 MAD.

    See on

    4. Taghazout – Radisson Blu Resort Taghazout Bay Surf Village

    People cycling in Taghazout
    People cycling in Taghazout

    A beautiful 4-star hotel in Taghazout.

    The hotel is located on Taghazout beach. It has an outdoor pool, well-equipped gym and a bar. Hotel offers rooms and bungalows of different sizes. Breakfast is included. You can also get dinners included.

    Double room starts at 800 MAD.

    See on

    5. Agadir – Atlantic Hotel Agadir

    A very popular 4-star hotel in Agadir.

    The hotel is located 10-minute walk away from the beach. Hotel has a pool, spa and a restaurant. Rooms are medium-size, and feature a private bathroom and air conditioning. Breakfast is included.

    Double room starts at 600 MAD.

    See on

    6. Mirleft – Résidence Europa

    Inexpensive apartments in Mirleft.

    Apartments feature a kitchen, bathroom, living room and 2 bedrooms. Breakfast is not included.

    Double room starts at 400 MAD.

    See on

    Have you been to Morocco? What was your experience? Is there anything you would add to this Morocco itinerary?

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